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Upcoming Pokemon Games List - Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends Arceus

Everyday we are asked about our plans for the Gen 4 remakes as well as Legends Arceus. 

We fully plan on supporting both games but need more time. 

Diamond and Pearl - waiting on updates
We need to wait till 2022 for updates to occur for Pokemon Home to send you what you need. In the mean time, you can probably purchase this service to help you. We plan on doing more when we can transfer in and out of the game as intended. Expect a service thats based off the Pokemon in these games. 

Pokemon Arceus - Waiting on release and updates 
The game will need to come out, have the necessary updates. We will also need to spend the time collecting everything that is new and test it all out. Expect a service of either pokemon or items too, whatever we can do we will.