Available 11am-9pm PT Today

-Order Status Page-

Thank you for your order! We are now open All week from 11am to 11PM PDT. 

This page use to have a tool that we could use to let you know when to expect your order but its gotten so busy that it no longer works accurately. When you order, your order is added to a queue and our team will get to it with priority as soon as a human can possibly have the order ready for you. 

Please only ask about updates if you have waited an unusual amount of time (such as a whole work day) and not heard from us during the whole day. Or its extremely important to your plans for the day to hear back from us. 

People are online and working constantly to get your order and hundreds like it smoothly over to other people worldwide. 

We have your order and look forward to reaching out to you asap! :)