Animal Crossing New Horizons Loot Run, Catalogue all items - Take anything you find home!

Animal Crossing New Horizons All items map Nook Nintendo Switch Unlimited Trips, Bells, and more
Friends always come free, share your DoDo code with them! 
Take as many trips as you can in your time limit. 
Your timer starts when you first reach the island. 

1. All Halloween Items 
2. Fish Models 
3. Fish Bagged (you can take them home)
4.Insect Models 
5. Insects Bagged (you can take them home) 
6. Sea Critters (you can take them home)
7. Museum Completion Set
8.Celeste Items 
9. Bug and Fish off items and rewards
10. Nook Shopping items 
11.Mushroom Set 
12. Mom Items
13.Birthday Items 
14. Dal and Nook exclusives 
15. Gulliver Items
16.Wedding Items
17. All Music 
18.Bells and Money items 
19. All DIY 
20. All Flowers (take them home) 
21. Door Plates
22. Mermaid Items
23. All Wands
24. All Nook Cranny Items
25. Flooring
26. Walls 
27. Rugs
28. Wrapping Paper
29. Winter items
30. Special Posters
31. All materials (bulk)
32. Festivale Items 
33. All Misc DLC items