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Text Support (USA only): (661) 241-0783



Same Day - Digital Services 

I would like to set up an appointment
Please reach out to our support team with your order number so we can expect and be ready for you. 

When do you open?

Support is available everyday after 12PM PDT. We do not close until after midnight.

I purchased a same day digital service and did not hear from you, what’s going on?
We fulfill digital services the same day everyday, please give us enough time to prepare your order as they are not instant. If it has been more than 24 hours and you have not heard from us then we have reached out already and you did not receive it from us.

Please reach out to our Support Team with your order number so we can get you taken care of and your order processed.

There was an issue with my order

Please reach out to our support team, we rarely if ever have an issue and will make sure any confusion or mistakes have been corrected.

I would like to cancel my order.
You can cancel any service that has not been processed and finalized. Please email our team with your order number to start the cancelation process. 

Physical Item FAQ

Do I get tracking with my order?
99% of orders get tracking, if you have ordered something and not received tracking in two weeks, please reach out to our support.

I would like to cancel my order. 

If we can cancel without issue then we will.

Each order has different timelines and expectations to fulfill before making it to the post office. Depending on what was ordered you may need to pay a restocking fee, receive a partial refund or accept your order as it cannot be cancelled. 

How long does it take to ship my order?
Each listing should give you a timeline on when to expect tracking for your order. If you changed your mind on something, requested something new or asked us to do something custom, you can expect things to take a little longer. We work everyday to get packages out to the mail. 

Please email our support team within 3 business days of receiving your package. Returns will always be handled on a case by case basis. 

Loot Run FAQ

How many friends can I bring?
Unlimited, we do not care. Animal Crossing supports up to 8 players on an island at once. Share the dodo code we send you with anyone you like. People always come free.

Is there a map?
Yes, we give it to you with each order.

I ordered, why did I not hear from you?
We work as fast as we can, it's not instant though we prepare in advance for our daily orders. You will hear from us as soon as it is ready for you and you experience your run without issue.

Do I need to bring items?

Should I learn DIY or take them home with me?
Learn the DIY, you want to do whatever you can to maximize the time on our island. 

Pokemon Digital Service FAQ

How long can I use these Pokemon? 

We upload them into your Pokemon Home account without the use of your password. After they are in your account, they will stay there as long as your account with, or without a membership to Pokemon Home! 

Can I use these Pokemon online without issue? 


What is the Pokemons OT? 

Mostly, Ash - event pokemon and others may have different names.   

Do you hack the pokemon? 

No. Gameshark, Action reply and any other cheating device is not used. 

Can you change the OT for me? 

No, please read the above, that would require hacking and ruin these online only Pokémon, no hacking is done only legitimate duplication of legitimate Pokémon. 

Can you change a Stat, nature or Pokeball for me? 

No, please read the above, that would require hacking and ruin these online only Pokémon, no hacking is done only legitimate duplication of legitimate Pokémon. 

Will I really not have an issue taking these pokemon online? 

These pokemon were legitmately caught, purchased or received at events, buy with confidence. 

Will this really take me minutes to do today? 

Yes, really it will. All we need from you is your transfer key in the Pokemon Home app. As long as you paid for one month in Pokemon Home, leave the rest to us. We provide a really easy to follow guide which no one has had issues with yet. 

Will the Pokemon have held items? 

No thats not how Pokemon Home works 

Do I need Pokemon for trade? 

No, its a transfer - you lose nothing in this. 

Some Pokemon cannot be used in sword and shield 

If there is a yellow or red triangle on the pokemon you receive from us, that means that Nintendo did not make them available in the game you want to use them in. As Nintendo releases updates, DLC and more Pokemon you should be able to use these in later games.  Any icons hovering over a Pokemon in Pokemon home means that you cannot use them in the game you are trying to use them in. 


Loot Delivered FAQ

what are coins? 

Coins are a way that we wanted to give back to our customers and community. Each time you buy or do something in our store you get coins. 

Coins can be used in the future for discounts, pay for products and other bonus material. 

whats the best way to earn coins? 

every purchase earns you coins. You can also earn coins by sharing us on social media and other sources. Check your Coins & rewards widget in the bottom right corner of the site after you sign in for more details.

Here's some boring legal jargon... 

When texting us, standard text messaging rates apply. 

(this means we wont charge you but your phone company might if you have a plan that does not have unlimited texting).

Need your user data removed? 

We will correspond and approve the request after a review period of two business days. 

Do you save my data? 

Our various apps we partner with do, but we vow to never do anything with it besides send you an email if you opt into it. If you need your email ever removed from our list, please don't hesitate to let our team know.