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How to get a Transfer Code on Pokemon Home


 You do not need a 3ds, you need a phone with premium Pokemon Home or a Switch with premium Pokemon Home.

 This guide will help you get your transfer code that will look like this THIS IS WHAT WE ARE ASKING FOR, IT LASTS 3 MINUTES AND WE WILL ASK FOR IT

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How to get a Moving Key on Pokémon Home on Switch - or other platform

We need the three minute code created out of this guide! !


From the main menu, there are four icons along the bottom right. Select the 3DS one named 'Home'.


How to get a Moving Key on Pokémon Home on iOS and Android

From the main menu, press the Menu button at the bottom of the screen, then Options, where you can find the 'Move' button at the bottom of the 'Account' page.


Once you have a Premium Home subscription and found the Move button on your respective app, select 'Begin Move', then agree to the warning Pokémon Home will be unavailable during the move process.


The Moving Key will be displayed. This expires in three minutes, so thats where we come in! We need that moving key! We use it to send your new pokemon to your home account!pokemon_home_transfers_14

Once you have inserted this code into the 3DS, the two apps will be paired and will reset. As warned, you cannot use Pokémon Home until this transfer is complete - you'll be told if it's too soon with the message 'A move is currently in progress'.


When enough time has passed (for us it was just a few minutes - though we only tested one Pokémon in a single box!) the next time you log into Pokémon Home on Switch you can finalise the transfer by selecting how to bring the Bank boxes across.