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Having a villager leave - Need someone to move out

Normal Move out: 
Force Villager to move out Animal Crossing new horizons

How to Kick Out Villagers with Time Travel

ACNH - Kick Out Villagers - Villager in boxes

This method requires you to time-travel. If you do not wish to do so, then read the other methods below instead.

1 Choose which villager you want to move out.
2 Skip the time 15 days ahead. (Skipping more days will give the same result)
3 Check if there's a villager with a thought bubble above their head.
4 If there isn't any villagers with thought bubbles, repeat from step 2.
5 Check if the villager with the thought bubble is the one you want to move.
6 If not, set back the time to 4:59 AM then save the game.
7 Watch the daily broadcast at 5 AM then skip the time to 1 PM*.
8 Check which villager has the thought bubble again.
9 If it's the right one, talk to them and encourage them to leave. If not, repeat from step 6.
10 They will be in boxes the next day, and will leave the island the day after that.

You don't necessarily need to skip to 1 PM, but we recommend it as it's the time most villagers are outside.

Keep in mind that this method may take anywhere from minutes to hours, as the villager who gets the thought bubble will be random.