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Pokémon Games FAQ

Our Pokemon games found here cause a lot of questions so we want to take a moment saving you the text or email and get your potential questions answered here! 

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How does this work? 
Pokémon Home (the app for Switch, iOS and Android) is an application you probably already heard of. It helps you store thousands of pokemon for use in any future Nintendo Pokemon related game. Its the next step in making sure you keep your Pokémon around forever.   

There is a process within the app where you can transfer your 3ds game saves to your Home Account. We take one of our 100% completed games found here and upload it to our Pokemon Bank and from there we give you the steps that you need to do (after having a premium Pokemon Home Nintendo Account) in order to connect with us. 

We do a lot of the heavy lifting on our end and you just hang tight for roughly 10 minutes while we complete your order with Nintendo. 

What do I need? 
A device with Pokemon Home on it (anything) and Premium so you can store all the pokemon we give you.   

Can I get banned?
No. The Pokemon cannot get you banned they should always pass any checks Nintendo ever has as they are all legal.

For more information read our Official FAQ. 

How fast will you get them over to you?
We are online daily. If its before or after business hours, we are still by our phones and will be online when we can be but our products don't ship themselves! We ship around 100 packages a day and save costs by doing them ourselves so please keep this in mind just in case we don't instantly get back to you like we have in the past :) 

How are the IV's Evs moves nature's etc?
Look we give you 800+ pokemon. There are a ton there, we tried to give you as much value as possible, make sure to check the video so you know exactly what you are getting from us. 

Can I get custom levels, natures, or indepth changes on Pokemon? 
That would be a little rough... It would harm the legality of a lot of them causing them not to port over online and live in Pokemon Home. If you are okay with only being offline with the copy, then we will do it for you but you need to know that you cannot connect to the internet with a lot of them (its hard to say how many would be effected.)

I would recommend checking out this online guide to know exactly what you would be getting to get the full benefits of the Pokemon Games.

Will this get me Magearna? 
We have gotten some reports from others that they needed to get Meltan + Melmetal from other sources as we only transfer the pokemon from the Ultra Sun and Moon games. So you are good to go for all the pokemon up to Meltan + Melmetal, that you will need to get on your own or trade for. Use one of the many duplicates we gave you and the GTS should solve the problem. 

If you have those two pokemon, then you should be able to go! Please keep in mind that it is a random event from Nintendo which we cannot control, so it will happen when it happens. 

How can I trust this? 
Hey, its the internet, a lot of things can be too good to be true but we promise thats not the case here. We do whatever we can to make sure you are safe whenever dealing with us and our business(s). 

Please check our eBay store of 10 years Here.  You are always going to be charged on eBay more than our online store because of the fees with them. There is nothing wrong with buying through our eBay store but just know that we don't price match and you are paying more for little reason. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us!
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