• Upcoming Pokemon Games List - Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends Arceus

    Everyday we are asked about our plans for the Gen 4 remakes as well as Legends Arceus. We fully plan on supporting both games but need more time. D...
  • 5 Tips to Stop Tilting & Win More Ranked Games in League of Legends

    There is an abundance of things that happen in our ranked games that make it more tempting to throw out that early /ff.

    But the bottom line is that our ability to keep a cool head is entirely under our control, and our aspirations of finally getting to the next rank depend on our ability to do so.

    I’m not the kind of tilter who will flame in chat, or intentionally feed, but I give up on trying to win the game. When I’m tilted, I spam the surrender vote and go on mental autopilot until the Nexus explodes. This cripples my ability to improve at League of Legends.