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 Lootdelivered.com General Support and FAQ
Support Email: Support@lootdelivered.com 
Text Support (USA only): (661) 241-0783
When are you open? 
Everyday from 11-11 PDT. 

When can I expect a Sameday service? 
Sameday. 24 hours (in the least amount of time to make you wait as possible)

We are open from 11-11 PDT. We will reach out to you via text (if in the USA) and email when its ready for you.  If you have not received a message from us in 24 hours - something is wrong and you need to send us an email at Support@lootdelivered.com - Check your spam just in case! Please include your order number. 

When can I expect tracking for my order? 
Some games take 3 days to ship, some 1-2 weeks. The listing will tell you what to expect. Every order for our games will receive a follow up message telling you when to expect your tracking number. If you do not receive this within 40 hours of purchase, you can email us at Support@lootdelivered.com. Please include your order number. 

How do I contact support? 
You can email support@lootdelivered.com, please make sure to include your order number. 

Tell me about your shipping
We ship everything out of California with tracking via USPS. If you are in the United States, shipping is forever free. We ship worldwide. Whatever contact method you leave will be set up with automatic messaging for tracking your order status. 

I sent you a message and did not get a response
If we are closed, we wont be responding. If your question was considered a waste of time, we won't respond. 

Sameday Service FAQ
When can I expect my order? 
When we are open and have completed what was needed on our end, we will reach out to you over text (if in the USA) and email. If its been 24 hours or more, something is wrong. You need to email us right away at support@lootdelivered.com

I did not receive a message from you. 
You will always hear from us sameday. If you did not, the information you gave us was probably incorrect and had a typo (it happens). You need to shoot us an email at support@lootdelivered.com

Can I order a sameday service and use it later? 
Yes, as long as you don't trigger us to complete it for you, we have appointments available. When we ask if you are ready, and you say yes, we will complete the service and your order will be finished. We do not have sameday services lead in to multiple days.  

There are appointments? 
Yes. Ask for one when you order. 

Pokemon Home Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Moon Sun X and Y Living Pokedex
I ordered, now what? 
Make sure to add what you needed to your order. Trainer name, etc. 
We will message you when to expect tracking. 

Can I use these Pokemon on other games? 
Yes, they are authentic games, so moving them will not be an issue as long as you follow the steps to do so. Check out this guide if you need assistance. 

Can I use these Pokemon online? Can I transfer these Pokemon to other games? 
Yes, you should not expect an issue. 

What can I expect from my new Pokemon? 
Most are going to be 6IV. Caught naturally through decades of play. Use them online, in game, trade and transfer them out of game. Shoot us a message if you need a guide for helping moving them to other games. 


Will you be willing to do a request for me? 
If you need us to change OT, Pokemon level or anything really. We would need to hack them. We have the skills for that, but can not guarantee online and future use. You asked us to hack something. 

Can you change the OT for me? 
Look at: 
Will you be willing to do a request for me? 

Can you change a Pokemons level for me?
Look at: Will you be willing to do a request for me? 

What are the levels of my new Pokemon?
The pokemon were caught legally, then duplicated. This means that all of them will be legal level. First evo will be lvl 1-5 and then second and third evos will follow whatever makes them legal and online capable.

Are event Pokemon included?
Yes, multiple event pokemon from this generation will be included from movies, tournaments, special events or more.

Can I transfer these Pokemon to other games?
You can transfer these Pokemon to Pokemon Home without issue. Anything that is capable with Pokemon Home will work.

Expect all items in game in your bag. Anything that can be included at the max amount will be. All Event items needed to trigger special events will be included if available 

Will I receive a box? What will I receive?
Unless otherwise paid for, no. We may sell them, you would need to request it. You will receive one physical 3ds Game for the 2ds and 3ds NTSC models (United States Games)

If I dont include any notes, what is the default gamestate?
End game, Ally Shiny Pokemon, Trainer name: Ash.

Can I have both shiny and nonshiny Pokemon?
No you can only have a PC with a complete shiny or nonshiny set. The game does not allow you to have infinite Pokemon. You will need to settle for one or the other.

What if I picked all shiny pokemon but a legendary is shiny locked? - What is shiny lock?
Not all Pokemon can be legally shiny. If you chose our most popular option which is the shiny set, you will receive a normal, nonshiny version of the Pokemon. For instance, Victini is shiny locked. Do not expect a shiny Victini, it wont be included. Always expect a nonshiny Victini.

Whats the difference between a complete game and a new game?
You will receive everything we have to offer in each option. Some trainers want their game with 100% completion, this means the elite four is beaten and all events have been cleared.
New game will start you off at the start of the game with no badges and a new story to play through. New game is our most common option. 
Can you customize the trainer name for me?
Yes, leave the trainers preferred name at checkout. Any other customization needs to be approved. Message us first. 

I did not leave any notes during checkout 
We cannot guarantee any request will be completed then.

Can you change the trainer gender?
Yes. Please request it at checkout.

Can you rush my order? 
no, sorry. 

Are the games authentic?
Yes, always. They are genuine store bought Pokemon games from Nintendo. 

My new pokemon will not obey me -
you need more badges in the new game option.

How long does it take to ship? 
These games usually take one week to ship, at most two. We will let you know after you order when to expect tracking. 

What system do I need to use in order to play these games? 
Any NTSC-U/C 3ds or 2ds device will play these games. NTSC is the North American video game format for Nintendo so if your device supports North American games then this will work as intended without issue. 

If I am located outside of the United States, should I expect an issue? 

Read the above: What system do I need to use in order to play these games? 
If you purchased a game outside of the United States and it is not working, you got a system that is region locked to ours. Pokemon Bank will be the only app you can use to move the pokemon to your games. 

Sameday Pokemon Moving Service FAQ

What will this include?
All pokemon from 1998-2019 on any handheld console. So expect to receive all Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue on the Nintendo Gameboy to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on the Nintendo 3ds. You will get 32 boxes of either all Shiny or Nonshiny Pkmn, you choose.

What can I expect out of the Pokemon?
Legal, naturally caught Pokémon. We don’t do edits so you can expect universal levels and 6IV on most Pokemon. Events will not be edited either to stay genuine.

Can you make edits for me?
No. Read the above. They stay legal so we don’t hack them.

When can I expect to hear from you?
Sameday. No need to wait on tracking, you will get closed out and receive your order in 24 hours or less. No need to message us if you left the correct contact information. 

Pokemon Game Boy Advance Completed Pokedex

I ordered, now what? 
Make sure to add what you needed to your order. Trainer name, etc. 
We will message you when to expect tracking. 

Bring a transfer cable! 
You can trade your Pokemon from the games you get from us to others, you can use this guide if you need help! 

Will the game save? 
Yes! Apart of our enhancement process is taking apart the game, cleaning it and replacing its save battery. It will not have another issue for a decade. We solder the batteries in place like the factory does with brand new batteries. 

At what point of the game do I receive the game in?
At the start, beginning of the game. No story progress has been made. 

What levels are the Pokemon?
These pokemon are naturally caught and duplicated. We found them in routes, grass, events, online trades the list go on and on. All pokemon will not be a set level and it will always be the lowest possible level.

Are these Pokemon competitive?
Yes, most will have 6iv

What can be customized on my order?
Before we ship your game, you can request Trainer Name, OT, Trainer Gender and whether you want all your new Pokemon to be Shiny or Nonshiny

What items are included?
We max out whatever won't break the game. We will also include all event items inside the game. You can expect a bag with Rare Candies at max, TM's, medicines all Pokeballs and more.

Can I transfer the Pokemon to different Games/Generations?
Yes you can, we have a guide - reach out to us for it.

What condition will the game be in?
In the best condition our store can get it in. We always provide the following:

Genuine Official Nintendo Game Cartridge
Cleaned Gold pins with IPSA
Replaced Save Batteries - soldered and set up to save for years to come

The cartridge as well as label can be torn or missing due to some of these games being decades old. You can always replace cartridges or labels if you don’t appreciate the one we located for you. The games will always be NTSC, United States English cartridges.

My new pokemon will not obey me -
you need more badges in the new game option.

 Pokemon Soul Silver Heart Gold Platinum Black White Pearl Diamond FAQ
I ordered, now what? 
Make sure to add what you needed to your order. Trainer name, etc. 
We will message you when to expect tracking. 

Are these games legitimate, how can I tell? 
Yes, every enhanced game Loot Delivered sells is legitimate. They will always pass quality and legitimacy tests because we have to use real games in order to transfer the Pokemon to the cartridge. Fake games do not transfer. 

So I can move the Pokemon to other games? 
As long as you have the correct hardware and follow the correct steps you shouldn't expect an issue. 

What can be customized? 
Trainer Name 

Where will I be in the game when I receive it? 
At the start, no story has been completed, nothing has.  

What items are guaranteed? 
Everything but Key Items. Importing key items before they are meant to be received creates problems. We always safely import key items that trigger events, such as the Azure Flute in Pearl and Diamond + Plat. Expect 995 of any item we can max out, so at least 995 Rare Candy and any of the Pokeballs. 

What are the Pokémon like? 
Legally leveled - levels are unchanged and are as low as possible. 
6IV - Ready for battle 
0 EV training - set up EV's based off the natures we have. 
Shiny or Nonshiny - pick one or the other and you receive a game with all the Pokemon from that game. 

I only see Boxes up to box 16 
Play the game longer, you will get more boxes in the PC and see the Pokemon you want. Every game up to now has 32 boxes total. Some games like white and black want you to play to get all 32. 

Why don't my Pokemon obey me? 
You need to defeat more gyms, the higher the Pokemon's level the more you need to progress in the game in order to use it. 

Can I transfer my Pokemon to newer games? 
Yes, check out our transfer guide here! 

The Pokedex does not load when I got the game. 
You have a completed Pokedex both on the trainer and also within the PC. The game does not expect you to have everything (events and more) in the early parts. If you try to check Pokedex data you shouldn't have access to yet, it can cause a problem. 

Later on there should not be an issue. 

I went to the PC and there was only 16 boxes 
On some of the later games after Plat, the PC needs to load three times to access all the Pokemon we traded over. 

How long does it take to ship? 
Our games take one to two weeks to ship. We need time to set up the save and work on our orders to do this daily. 

What do you mean these Pokemon are legtimate and not hacked? 
We have played the games for many years and worked with a lot of people. When we catch a Pokemon in the wild or get an event of a Pokemon that is desired (shiny or normal) we log it in our "Pools".

When it is needed, we duplicate the Pokemon. Trust that you will get valid nongenerated (hacked in) Pokemon, only ones that were caught at one point and then duplicated and traded to the game we are sending you. 

Pokemon Gameboy Game

I ordered, now what? 
Make sure to add what you needed to your order. Trainer name, etc. 
We will message you when to expect tracking. 

Will these save? 
Yes. Before we enhance the game, we clean the cartridge as well as solder a new battery onto the games board. It will save again for the next 5-10 years. 

How do I know this is authentic? 
Besides taking our word for it, you can take it apart to see the new battery on a Nintendo board. Fakes do not have batteries. 

What can I customize in this save? 
Trainer name 
Pokemon Blue, Red & Yellow do not have a shiny option. During those games, it was impossible to get shiny Pokemon. 

What can I expect in the bag? 
Unlike future Pokemon games, all items were saved all in the same place. We add 95 to each item that wont break the game. So Masterballs, Rare candy etc will have 95. 

How do I find my Pokemon? 
You need to go to the PC. The PC is a little different than previous versions. in the 90's saving and writing was a little different so you need to save the game before and after taking a look at your PC boxes. 

What will I receive? 
When you order one of our Enhanced Gameboy games, we take an older game and clean it - inside and out. We will clean the gold pins in ISO alcohol and solder a new Battery to the board so it will save for 5-10 years. 

All Pokemon will be included as well as any items that do not break the game maxed out to 95.  You will be at the start of the game so you can adventure as a Pokemon Master. 
 Can I transfer these Pokemon out? 
Sure can! Check out our guide here. 
How long does it take to ship? 
Our games take one to two weeks to ship. We need time to set up the save and work on our orders to do this daily. 


I need to cancel my order
You will need to contact us and probably pay a restocking fee if it is a physical order. If it is a digital service and we have not spent the time on it, we can cancel for you without issue. Each order cancellation request will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 

I need to change my shipping address
Make sure to reach out to our support team with your order number!! You can email us at support@lootdelivered.com
You did not contact me after I ordered - there is no need to contact you. We have your order and are working on it with our other several. Expect tracking automatically sent to you when ready. 

Why has my order not shipped yet- most games ship in one to two weeks. You get tracking automatically. Extra requests add more time to shipping delays. 
Is a case included? Usually no, they are sold separately. 
Can I get faster shipping?
Usually no, worth contacting us and asking though. 

I need something else - go ahead and contact us and expect a reply when able. Our FAQ was built over multiple years of gamestore management. Most questions are common and answered through this FAQ. You will be directed to this FAQ if your question is on here. 



Loot Run FAQ

How many friends can I bring?
Unlimited, we do not care. Animal Crossing supports up to 8 players on an island at once. Share the dodo code we send you with anyone you like. People always come free.

Is there a map?
Yes, we give it to you with each order.

I ordered, why did I not hear from you?
We work as fast as we can, it's not instant though we prepare in advance for our daily orders. You will hear from us as soon as it is ready for you and you experience your run without issue.
Do I need to bring items?

Should I learn DIY or take them home with me?
Learn the DIY, you want to do whatever you can to maximize the time on our island. 

Pokemon Digital Service FAQ General
How long can I use these Pokemon? 
We upload them into your Pokemon Home account without the use of your password. After they are in your account, they will stay there as long as your account with, or without a membership to Pokemon Home! 
Can I use these Pokemon online without issue? 
What is the Pokemons OT? 
Mostly, Ash - event pokemon and others may have different names.   
Do you hack the pokemon? 
No. Gameshark, Action reply and any other cheating device is not used. 
Can you change the OT for me? 
No, please read the above, that would require hacking and ruin these online only Pokémon, no hacking is done only legitimate duplication of legitimate Pokémon. 
Can you change a Stat, nature or Pokeball for me? 
No, please read the above, that would require hacking and ruin these online only Pokémon, no hacking is done only legitimate duplication of legitimate Pokémon. 
Will I really not have an issue taking these pokemon online? 
These pokemon were legitmately caught, purchased or received at events, buy with confidence. 
Will this really take me minutes to do today? 
Yes, really it will. All we need from you is your transfer key in the Pokemon Home app. As long as you paid for one month in Pokemon Home, leave the rest to us. We provide a really easy to follow guide which no one has had issues with yet. 
Will the Pokemon have held items? 
No thats not how Pokemon Home works 
Do I need Pokemon for trade? 
No, its a transfer - you lose nothing in this. 
Some Pokemon cannot be used in sword and shield 
If there is a yellow or red triangle on the pokemon you receive from us, that means that Nintendo did not make them available in the game you want to use them in. As Nintendo releases updates, DLC and more Pokemon you should be able to use these in later games.  Any icons hovering over a Pokemon in Pokemon home means that you cannot use them in the game you are trying to use them in. 

Loot Delivered FAQ

what are coins? 
Coins are a way that we wanted to give back to our customers and community. Each time you buy or do something in our store you get coins. 
Coins can be used in the future for discounts, pay for products and other bonus material. 
whats the best way to earn coins? 
every purchase earns you coins. You can also earn coins by sharing us on social media and other sources. Check your Coins & rewards widget in the bottom right corner of the site after you sign in for more details.

Here's some boring legal jargon... 
When texting us, standard text messaging rates apply. 
(this means we wont charge you but your phone company might if you have a plan that does not have unlimited texting).
Need your user data removed? 
We will correspond and approve the request after a review period of two business days. 
Do you save my data? 
Our various apps we partner with do, but we vow to never do anything with it besides send you an email if you opt into it. If you need your email ever removed from our list, please don't hesitate to let our team know.