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Great Service

- Great Service, great communication with your customers & I'll be offering again for my scarlet

Fast and easy

Was super quick and easy to use with step by step instructions

Yes it is true

Unlike other services that overcharge a subscription and services that sell you pokemon for $5-$18 and all that LD does the oppsite by saving you $100s of dollars and time if you really want to complete a Dex, get all legendaries and shines this is the way to go!

Animal Crossing 2.0 Island

It is an awesome island that has the items the regular island doesn't have. Customer service is awesome. Had lots of fun and will definitely use their services in the future. Highly recommended.

This is awesome!

I had already caught most of the Pokédex, but this gave me all the shiny goodness. 100/10 recommend.

Best purchase I’ve made in a long time

If you’re looking for a dual living dex then look no farther. This was simple, directions were very clear. When I had a question I had a very quick response. Would deff use them in the future

Scarlet and violet dlc Pokédex

Was fast and so easy and very informative. This is my third time doing this and I absolutely love it! Would recommend doing it if you just can’t catch that shiny you want or you want to complete that Pokédex. Definitely going to keep ordering from here they don’t disappoint.

Generations 1-7 | 32 Boxes | Pokemon Home Upload Service 1998-2019


They got to me as soon as they opened and their customer service was amazing! I highly recommend them and if any new games come out in the future I will continue to use their services.

Superb performance

So efficient! The Store rep was so quick to reply. He/she didn’t reveal their name which made it a little less personal, but I felt taken care of the whole time. Definitely recommend!

great service

great and timely service would recommend


Quick and easy exactly as described. I was able to complete all the dexs without any trouble .. I have bad hand eye coordination so catching pokemon isn’t easy for me but this complete set really helped

Fast delivery

Super delivery in less then 24hr thank you and would definitely recommend them..

Efficient and Amazing

Easy and fast and just as promised!

Once again the service provided is excellent and the delivery is fast.

Great service!

It took a total of 3 minutes and was super simple! Will probably order again soon!

Amazon Service As Always

Great stuff. This is my third or fourth purchase with loot delivered and its always been amazing and quick. Customer service is outstanding. But just an fyi, if there is a symbol of two pokeball on your pokemon and you cant move it using bank It is in a battle team. you just gotta unslect it.

Fantastic Service & Fast Delivery

Everything was perfect and just how i requested. Only advise for anyone doing this. Some pokemon are in a battle group. You have to take them out in order to move them over to home.

Really Love the Service

As usual fast and easy to understand service. I got all the Pokemons I wanted in Shiny forms. Thanks a lot!!

Great Service !

Easier than I thought, quicker than I thought. I can only recommend the service. Thank you very much.


Start to finish the whole process took about 5 minutes once I got the text asking if I was ready. Will be ordering again soon!

Pokemon Emerald

As it was promised, authentic cartridge and fully loaded with all the pokemon. Will definitely buy more in the future


Very Very. Satisfied

Fantastic service as always

Second time I have used LootDelivered for a service and it is always excellent, fast and they have a great friendly team communicating with you every step of the way.