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Quick, efficient customer service. Every order is fulfilled within minutes.


I was always skeptical about this business but after my first order I was blown away with how quick and reliable they are. Within 24 hours your order is prepared, sent and delivered to you just like that! Astonishing service!


It’s amazing how everything with the game 10/10

I am very satisfied

My order came with everything promised and to my specifications and I am very pleased and will be telling all my friends about this service


Fast and reliable would 100% recommend this to anyone wanting all the Pokémon!

It was a very good service with each buy I made

Amazing service

Wow it’s amazing how in few seconds you get the service of your orders their are very responsible and amazing customer services it’s my second time buying games from this company website wow I’m so happy 10/10

Worth the wait!

I’ve played through ultra moon a few times, but didn’t have the patience to collect all the shinies and legendaries (especially since some events are over and require trading). Item was as described and had the full Pokédex. Very happy with my purchase.

Exactly what I wanted!

Super happy with my order, it was exactly as described! All Pokemon legit and transferred into Pokemon Bank and then Pokemon Home with no issues!

Great service

The service has been very helpful and quick

Absolutely awesome!

Loved it!!!


very happy . I got my order fast and the people where very polite.


I was a bit skeptic when buying it and I’m so amazed. it is a legit copy and has all the shines on it. I was scared because when I booted up the game I was saved in the back of the moving truck but I checked my bag and all the items were there. So you just have to pick your starter go to the next town and all the Pokémon where there

it worked

thanks! got an email in 20 minutes after ordering.

will use them again 👌

contacted in 35 minutes

gave me enough time to get the trash I needed to trade them.

was worried but it totally worked out. glad I used them. will do so again.

they texted me in like 30 minutes to ask if it was a good time. well worth it.

Best people and services!!!

Everyone on the team are super wonderful and very fast service. I have been using them for a couple of years now and Loot Delivered is my go to.

Generations 1-7 Pokemon Home Upload Service 1998-2019

Pokemon violet

Awesome service

was perfect for me, since i have no plans to get a 3ds so older pokemons that hasint come to gens...

love the service would likely use again, but i plan to obtain all the pokemon on nintendo switch myself except for sister copies of the games, would be nice if we could buy pokemon indivually for the sister copys, like for exzample the counterpart for cersledge in pokemon scarlett, dont know his name but hes bright flames, since i dont plan to buy 2 copies of each pokemon games.

Great service!

Definitely would recommend! Such a quick and reliable service! 10/10

Awesome service and customer service!

I have used Loot Delivered for a long time now. They are always amazing and quick service. They are my go to for all things Pokémon!

Pokemon home

It was an awesome package all 7 gets shiny pokemon totally worth it

Awesome Site

They are an awesome site to use. They have everything you need for animal crossing and best of all their price is very reasonable.

Got what i wanted and then some

Great service done business with them numerous times.