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DO NOT BIND OUR NINTENDO ACCOUNT TO ONE OF YOURS, You will lose it. Add our account and remove whatever you want to take home and delete the account when done. We change up the accounts hourly. 
Back up your pokemon to pokemon home, clear as many boxes as you can for this deposit. 

This guide is used for Sword & Shield, Lets Go, Legends Arceus & Diamond/Pearl

👇Written Guide👇

1. Back up your pokemon to your pokemon home, clear as many boxes as you can for this deposit. You do this by removing the Pokemon in your game and put them in your Pokemon Home account. 

2.Create a temporary account, more on that in step 3 - you will delete on step 7, the final step.  You are going to delete this account in 15-20 minutes. You should make a brand new account - this is done in seconds. 

2.5 Make sure you created a new account that you will lose at the end of this guide. 

3. Add our Nintendo account temporarily - People usually take 20 minutes - please let us know if you're going to need this for more than 2 hours for some reason. 

(if you need a verfication code you need to email support@lootdelivered.com OR text that you need one.)


Do this through the Nintendo Switch settings, add an account do not bind our account to a previous user of yours as we cannot undo this and we will now have all your purchases on that account. 

4. Once the account is added, open the pokemon home app using the user account we lent you. 

5. With Pokemon Home opened with the account we lent you, select your account and game in home. We do this around 4:40 in the above video. 

6. Transfer our pokemon from our home account to your save. If you receive more than 32 boxes from us - check the FAQ below if you are confused. 

7. Once completed, delete the user account and let us know that you have done so - thanks! 



Will this guide work for games beside sword or shield? 
 We use this page universally for several services. If you are using Pokemon Legends Arceus simply use that game instead of Sword or Shield. 
This guide is used for Sword & Shield, Lets Go, Legends Arceus & Diamond/Pearl

You gave me 30+ boxes and my game only has 32 boxes available. 
You will need to take the pokemon from our Pokemon Home account and transfer them to your game. If your game fills up, feel free to take the time to remove the pokemon as you did on step one and go back into our account and grab anything left over. Fill up your game, go back into your home account and deposit what you filled up and then go back into our account and grab whatever else you needed. 

What do I need for this? 
15/20 minutes of free time undistracted.
A Nintendo Switch.
A digital OR physical copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield
Lastly Pokemon Home Premium. 

There is an X over the Pokemon. 
You're either using the wrong game to receive them or they are not apart of your order. Such as you purchased a service for Sword and Shield and using your Let's Go save to get them. OR you are attempting to get something in our account not apart of your order. You should expect to have a problem then. Use the game you are intending to play with and you will be fine. 

I need a verification number 
Let us know by texting or emailing us that you need this. Respond to us and we will get it for you as quick as we can. 

Verification codes only last one hour and are at random so please let us get back with you and get you the code you request. Try to only request one so there are not multiple. Support@Lootdelivered.com 

How long do I have to complete this order? 
We usually ask if this is a good time to start before sending this guide. Please spend 1/2 hours with this account so we can get it back and help others with orders like yours. 

Do I need to hurry? 
No. Take your time, grab what you need. 

How long should this take me? 
Honestly not more than 20 minutes if that. You should be able to sign in and transfer whatever was deposited without much effort. Follow our video or written guide and it leads anyone who needs help. Make sure to use the green selection tool to mass select your pokemon. 

The password you gave me does not work. 
That's not how this works, we signed in before sending you your guide. If you took more than 24 hours than you might have an issue with your password but you are typing it in wrong if you are having issues with the password. 

What do the different symbols in Pokemon Home mean? 
We have a guide and video explaining this here. 


Something else is wrong and not listed here. 
Please email our team with your order number: support@lootdelivered.com 
Please be as clear as possible and give us ample time to respond as this is a process that does not typically have issues.  


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