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Store Policy's

Our store has a lot of moving pieces, people and customers. To make sure orders flow properly for everyone involved we took the time to state our business policy's at Lootdelivered. 

The following policies can change at any time and will be updated accurately when possible. 

Refunds for digital services 
We do not refund any services that have already been marked as fulfilled within our system. If a service has been marked as fulfilled we have either sent you and confirmed you got the service, we spent time preparing and fulfilling the service. 

We mark services as fulfilled during the events of: 
Finishing a transaction 
Completing a service 
A customer or guest confirms they received the service 
We deemed the service has concluded by spending time and resources on the service. 

When can I get a refund for a service?
You are entitled to any refund that is purchased where the customer can state the order number and it has not been fulfilled. Any service that has not been fulfilled in 5 days can have a refund processed without issue. 

There was a problem with my service, I want a refund. 
Your expectations did not match a service that took several hundred hours to replicate and share with our thousands of customers. We take any feedback seriously and offer several forms of taking your feedback into consideration. 

If our team recognizes that we can improve a service based off your expectations we will and 99% of the time give you the improves that you helped make for free.  

Please read our listings, and our site for the most up to date information on your purchase. 

You took to long getting me my order 
We get several hundred people talking to our support staff daily, anyone who can not patiently wait for our team will have their order cancelled. Our hours are simple, we will be online at 1pm and will start fulfilling orders same day then.  

Loot Delivered has the right to cancel orders at any time and refund the payment source for any reason they see fit. 


Cancelling physical orders. 

We deal with each request on a case by case basis. Please reach out with your order number at support@lootdelivered.com 

We issue partial refunds if wages, or cost of goods were spent at any point up to your request if it can be cancelled. 

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