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Fantastic service as always

Second time I have used LootDelivered for a service and it is always excellent, fast and they have a great friendly team communicating with you every step of the way.

Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu + Eevee Pokedex Completion Service

All shiny

Got all the Pokemons in shiny forms and really fast service. I will definitely use the service again.

Fast and easy.

Took way less time than I thought. Will use service again.


I know the newer games are harder to do the whole copy paste but it still gave me access to a whole lot of Pokémon that i would just breed to train with in my journey.

Amazing service

Fast, no problems and stayed in contact via email to talk me through the process. Would highly recommend!

Very happy with my Pokemon

The game looks amazing I’m very happy with it

Ultra Sun

Amazing work and love the fact I was able to play with all of the Pokemon and make whatever team I wanted

BD/SP complete pokedex

Wonderful customer service, took no time at all and is a fun way to play the game when you've missed all the past events and such


They replied within thirty minutes and were very nice. Steps were as easy as 123 ABC. Everything included.

Lootdelivered are the very best like no one ever was…

Absolutely amazing! I am so grateful. Gen1-7 complete on my home dex. So good I’m planning on buying sword and shield and arceus mons. I was skeptical but am now a believer

Really easy

The team was very responsive and very patient even though I did it extremely slow.

Thank you very much!

Scarlet & Violet + DLC Sameday Completion Service | 45 Boxes 1,300+ total | Complete Pokedex + Home 3.0 + Teal Mast Pt1

Scarlet & Violet + DLC Sameday Completion Service | 45 Boxes 1,300+ total | Complete Pokedex + Home 3.0 + Teal Mast Pt1

Quick and easy, exactly as described

They contacted me within the hour of my order. Transfer and all took less than 10 minutes total. Completely satisfied with the results and left me wanting to try other services they offer. Was very skeptical at first but glad that I tried it and will definitely come back for the dlc stuff on Scarlet and Violet

5 stars

It's awesome. I can have my dream party in violet minus absol which wasn't allowed in game...

Saved my time

With this service I was able to save my self couple of years and work. Really fast and courteous service.

Fast and self explanatory

Great service, as described. Thank you!


Amazing product and customer service was superb! ‼️💯

pokemon transfer

gave me alot of amazin pokemon

A+++ Service!!

It's been a while since the last time I used this service but DEFINITELY using again soon as I bought Violet on release, lost it 2 weeks later and JUST found it the day before The Teal Mask DLC came out so there's quite a lot of the new dex/version exclusives that I'm missing. I will not HESITATE to use again and I recommend you guys to every trainer I associate with!! Keep up the awesome work!

Very quick and professional with making sure I got my order correctly