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Scarlet & violet

Have used loot delivered a couple of other times and they always take care of everything in a timely easy to understand manner one of the best services I’ve used 10/10 recommend nothing but good things from me

Pokemon soul silver

Great item, they shipped very quickly, authentic copy,. Got the shiny edition with customized OT

A++++++++++++++++ seller

Awesome seller highly recommend them

Amazing service 10/10

Wow I always play my games with a happy face because loot delivery always provides me the service I always need never disappoints me


Can’t stop playing this. All the Pokemon and items increase how long I will be playing this game for the near future. Love how they used an authentic copy too.

Scarlet & Violet + DLC Sameday Completion Service | 57 Boxes 1,600+ total | Complete collection & ALL DLC's

Generations 1-7 | 32 Boxes | Pokemon Home Upload Service 1998-2019

The best! And yes it’s real

They give you all the mons plus the dlc mons shiny and none shiny . Recommend have multiple profiles if you want to keep them all

Overall Happy

I enjoyed what I have received and was delighted when I used it and everything was there overall great experience.

It was everything they said it would be

Everything was amazing

Scarlet & Violet + DLC Sameday Completion Service | 57 Boxes 1,600+ total | Complete collection & ALL DLC's

Everything it claims and more!

You get to start off normally, and just have to make your way to the nearest Pokemon center and you can pick out a team or just take a second to admire. With a shiny natdex you can start events or just use the 4 stacks of rare candy to overcome the Johto level curve. This isn't an automated review either, id say its worth it after getting ripped off from other retro game “sellers”.


You all are the best at what you do. Hopefully, you also do competitive Pokémon.

Hey Travis - Thanks!
We get this often but it will never happen here. VGC has players spending years training and working towards competing. We try to make it clear that anything offered here should be for fun. While everything currently works online - it should not be used for VGC or actual tournament use - people should still use their own and not duplicates. As always use this service to kickstart your collection, finish it or replace ones lost to stolen devices, play with friends -- list goes on. Please do not use it in the VGC or anything similar.


Absolutely loved what I got. I’m just bitter about the Unrivaled Blastoise not being included when I bought it and being added to the collection 2 days after the fact.

Amazing product!

I don't know how many times i've used LootDelivered but they always deliver. The game i received is exactly what was advertise and what i requested. If you're reading the reviews trying to decide to use this service. Here is your sign to do it. I am a returning customer and i happy customer.

Scarlet & Violet + DLC Sameday Completion Service | 55 Boxes 1,600+ total | Complete collection & ALL DLC's

Fantastic Service

I'm a returning customer because the service is amazing, friendly and fast. Definitely recommend this to anyone thinking about it.

Great Service

- Great Service, great communication with your customers & I'll be offering again for my scarlet

Fast and easy

Was super quick and easy to use with step by step instructions

Yes it is true

Unlike other services that overcharge a subscription and services that sell you pokemon for $5-$18 and all that LD does the oppsite by saving you $100s of dollars and time if you really want to complete a Dex, get all legendaries and shines this is the way to go!