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pokemon transfer

gave me alot of amazin pokemon

A+++ Service!!

It's been a while since the last time I used this service but DEFINITELY using again soon as I bought Violet on release, lost it 2 weeks later and JUST found it the day before The Teal Mask DLC came out so there's quite a lot of the new dex/version exclusives that I'm missing. I will not HESITATE to use again and I recommend you guys to every trainer I associate with!! Keep up the awesome work!

Very quick and professional with making sure I got my order correctly

Scarlet & Violet Sameday Completion Service | 37+ Boxes - More than 1,089 Total | Complete Pokedex + Home 3.0 Transfer


Everything I expected 👌🏽

Lots of Fun!

Have used this service many times and love it. If you are an ACNH fan this is the service for you!

Works great

Had fun with this and now i get to look at all the beautiful shinys in the boxes

Generations 1-7 | 32 Boxes | Pokemon Home Upload Service 1998-2019

Scarlet & Violet Bundle Pack

Awesome folks! easy transactions will buy again soon!

I’ve already done this twice

These guys are awesome it’s totally worth it anyone who has doubts DO IT!!!!!! Will continue to buy because I enjoy the looks on my friends, brother, and my sons faves when I’ll just give them a shiny lol I ask one thing with the DLC coming out…anyway we can get that separate if we already have the base done with you guys? Keep up the amazing work guys appreciate y’all.


I paid, they contacted me within 8 hours and I had my Pokémon instantly. Very satisfied


yep the reviews here are legit.

ordered when they were open and heard back in like 30 minutes textedme

never thought id have em. crazy. cousins already fightn over them 😮‍💨

All shiny Pokemon

Definitely what I was looking for. Completed Pokédex and all shiny. Fast shipping and great service. Thanks.

Amazing 🤩

Excellent service 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Scarlet & Violet Sameday Completion Service | 37 Boxes - 1,089 Total | Complete Pokedex + Home 3.0 Transfer

Great team, who are doing great work

Saw this a few years ago on Facebook and it looked to good to be true. After browsing and finding a few youtube videos on the process and positive reviews I took the plunge to help complete my legends arceus pokedex. Loot delivered did not disappoint. After pokemon home integration became available for violet & scarlet I used them again to help my wife complete her pokdex after finishing the game.

Bdsp Pokédex completion service

This is such a good service I used it and got pretty much everything was missing shiny Zapdos and both forms of celebi but I managed to find them on my own and finished the dex off

Pokémon gold my childhood games

It’s amazing everything it’s included I’m so happy to play this game again thank you guys so much

Outstanding work

Very timely and efficient, the entire thing was done probably within the span of five minutes. Very polite, very easy to understand, and great to work with!

It was great

Transmitting Pokémon between Home and switch was good