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How to get a Transfer Code on Pokemon Home

You need to have Pokemon Home Premium on your Phone or switch. 

Simple steps: (once we reach out and ask if you're ready)
1. Open Pokemon Home (with Premium) on your iPhone, Switch or android. 
2. After you sign in, tap the "Move" icon and follow the in app steps (press yes to everything). 
3. Generate your transfer key (it lasts for 3 minutes) 
4. Send us a photo or text of your transfer key. This will provide a one way transfer from our collection to yours. 
5. Save and process the transfer then Import what we sent (the app will ask you how you want to load them in). 

Picture help: 

Sign into your account (making sure you have Premium): 

Nintendo Switch: 
Nintendo Switch Pokemon Home

Phone (Apple/Android): 
Locate the "move" function in options/settings and you will be given this screen


Pokemon Home iPhone


We need a code that looks like the following: 
Pokemon Home Living PokedexPokemon Home all pokemon all events rare pokedex pokemon


After you send the code: 

You should wait a moment and we will tell you when its been received correctly. You then import and save them how you want to set them up on your end. You will need to wait for the transfer to process. This can take up to 5 minutes. 


Trouble shooting: 
Wait for us to ask you for the code. If nothing happens we did not receive it - try sending a second one. If you feel the need to send a third and it does not work make sure to wait to hear from us or send us an email at Support@lootdelivered.com something is wrong and we are not getting your messages. 

 It only lasts for 3 minutes.
Do you need my password?
No. This is a one way ticket, Move function from our account to yours. 

If you send it too soon or when we are not ready, we may ask for it again! If we are not expecting you then there could be a delay getting it received from you. 

If it is not a good time when we reach out - you can request an appointment. 
This guide is used as a tutorial to create a transfer key 
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