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Best people and services!!!

Everyone on the team are super wonderful and very fast service. I have been using them for a couple of years now and Loot Delivered is my go to.

Generations 1-7 Pokemon Home Upload Service 1998-2019

Pokemon violet

Awesome service

was perfect for me, since i have no plans to get a 3ds so older pokemons that hasint come to gens...

love the service would likely use again, but i plan to obtain all the pokemon on nintendo switch myself except for sister copies of the games, would be nice if we could buy pokemon indivually for the sister copys, like for exzample the counterpart for cersledge in pokemon scarlett, dont know his name but hes bright flames, since i dont plan to buy 2 copies of each pokemon games.

Great service!

Definitely would recommend! Such a quick and reliable service! 10/10

Awesome service and customer service!

I have used Loot Delivered for a long time now. They are always amazing and quick service. They are my go to for all things Pokémon!

Pokemon home

It was an awesome package all 7 gets shiny pokemon totally worth it

Awesome Site

They are an awesome site to use. They have everything you need for animal crossing and best of all their price is very reasonable.

Got what i wanted and then some

Great service done business with them numerous times.

Awesome service. Quick to connect with you. I have done this at 4pm and 4 am. Both times took less then an hour to start the process. I have used this service 3 times and will continue to use them.

Dude-buddy was cool as h*ll and very helpful

The person involved was very helpful. They answered my questions, helped me out even when I had brain-farts, and went ahead with a separate order that I got while completing the first one.

As Advertised!

Contacted me within the hour and delivered more than expected! Will be using this service again!

Very Fast Service, Very Helpful Through Process

I will admit, I was a little bit sketched out seeing these services, but with all of the 5* reviews here and around the web I decided to try it out. I am 100% glad I did, as this service has helped me complete the Legends Arceus Pokedex.

If there's one thing I would recommend, it would be for them to include all genders for the pokemon that have gender differences. I didn't knock a star off of this as it's mostly an unreasonable request, and I can still trade some of my duplicate pokemon to get the last ones. I'll 100% recommend Loot Delivered now!

Amazing service, and excellent work

seller had good service as always this is currently my second order with them and wont be the last!

Great service for people without the hours to invest into the Pokémon games.

Fast, responsive. Would recommend to anyone who’s lost their save data. Or like in the title doesn’t have enough time to invest all the hours into the game.

Amazing service

First time user and will use this service again in the future. Got back to me in a very timely manner and very clear and concise instructions.

It's amazing

I've never used one of these and it was quick and painless also someone was there to answer and questions I had is give it more stars if I could lol

Excellent communication, and friendly team

I bought this a few hours ago, and it was communicated to me it would take some time, I appreciate the honesty, and I even got some extra shinies for the wait! (the bottom two pokemon).

Quick, great service

Again, they help me really quickly. I highly recommend this service, it is especially helpful in completing a living shiny dex.

Fast and friendly service

They were great and worked with me to schedule a time to get me what I ordered. Would definitely use again!

Great service!

Honestly always have my doubts about these sites, but I lost my other games and the data with them, all that time and work put into completing it all only to be gone. I'm glad I took a chance with this site, Loot Delivered sent me a text and waited for me to be ready before starting the process which everything went smoothly and they didn't rush you. If I could rate them 10 stars I would.

Fast, Amazing service

Just purchased this bundle earlier today, and within an hour they got back to me. The trade was quick, and the staff was so friendly will be using their service again in the future!

Great customer service, there was a line ahead of me and when they got to me we had a small mix up. I alerted them right away about it, sent the pictures they asked for of the pokemon and everything was sorted out. Have never had customer service work with me that well before, will use again.

It worked great. Got exactly what I wanted

Perfect. Ordered. I like 10 got a message within like 15 minutes traded real quick Now I have completed pokédex. Thank you