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Scarlet and Violet Help Guide

In this guide we will help you be able to trade. 

You will need: 
A Nintendo Switch 
A copy of Scarlet or Violet 
A stable internet connection (hotspots dont work well) 
Nintendo Online Membership 
Pokemon you do not mind trading to us permanently (go out and catch whatever you don't mind losing. 

1) Switch to Online Mode 
Connect to your Internet on your switch and open your game. 

Go to your "Poke Portal" (option in your in game save menu). 

Offline Mode
Click your L (left bumper) to connect to your internet source

2) Link Trade: 
Link Trade
Once you see that you are connected to the internet. 
Click on "link trade" - wait for us to give you the code.

Let us know when you are on that step. 

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